What is commonly called love, namely the desire of satisfying a voracious appetite with a certain quantity of delicate white human flesh

Monday, June 16, 2008


Katie has the sweetest body...creamy skin, a little extra meat on her bones, dark brown hair, big brown eyes, and shapely breasts. I woke up horny one morning, but she said she wasn't up for sex. I started to touch myself, working a slow rhythm. Katie asked what she could do to help. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity I asked her to straddle me and play with her soft round breasts.

We'd never done something like that before, and I was pleased when she went along with it. Her thighs hugged mine as she rubbed her breasts while staring into my eyes. She would smile slightly and pinch her dark-pink nipples. The hardened nipples rolling between her thumb and forefinger were a wonderful encouragement. She cooed and sighed for me, and would lift her hips slightly as I stroked. She cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and ran her hands up and down her sides.

Occasionally, I would brush my fist against the front of her panties and she would tilt her head up and sigh. I began to jerk my hips at the sight of her hands pressing into her breasts, and I closed my eyes. As I came, she bent forward causing my cum to splash onto her breasts and drip down off her rock-hard nipples. As she stood up I began to tell her who great that was, and she slowly pulled of her panties. Katie got back on top of me and guided me into her hot, wet pussy. She felt incredible, and I was hard again in an instant. She pushed down on me a few times, with her rosy breasts bouncing gently.

Soon she rolled over and I spread her thighs and pushed past her beautiful swollen lips. She continued to squeeze and caress her breasts as I stroked in and out faster. She was burning up inside, and her wetness was heavenly. Katie's face grew flush and she began to moan loudly. She bit her lower lip and pinched her nipples furiously as I pounded into her. She clamped her legs tight around my waist and ground her hips hard against mine. In an instant she yelled out and arched her back up high as I thrust into her as deep and as fast as I could. She shook and moaned and touched herself all over, and finally I came again shooting deep into her tight and throbbing pussy.

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